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The mission of MEXIA is to provide our customers with the industry’s most comprehensive passenger analytics solution to help them: 

Improve passenger experiences

Optimize Operational and Commercial efficiencies

Increase Non-aero revenue opportunities

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MEXIA Global

MEXIA is pleased to continue our global growth with the opening of a new regional office:



Our Singapore-based office is led by industry experts Olivier Barlier and Chris Phillips who will work to expand our growing presence in the Asia-Pacific Region.


MEXIA is proud to continue our global expansion in conjunction with our SMRT Platform of services dedicated to the people transportation industry.


    Industry leading true Curb-to-Gate PAX Flow

  • SMRT_Q

    Real-time and predictive QMS for security, check-in, taxi and other congestion points


    Data is only data until value is realized

  • PAM

    Airport’s and Traveller’s personal concierge

At the core of MEXIA is a ground-breaking, industry leading technology. It is holistic and comprehensive and provides airports around the world with data, reports and real time actionable information to help them manage Operations more efficiently and also develop new non-aero revenues.

The true value that MEXIA brings to our clients is our comprehensive vision for the travel industry that involves all stakeholders- passengers, airlines, airline staff, airports, airport managers, front line staff, security personnel and more.

We work with a growing number of airports around the globe. We help them improve KPI measurements. We provide enterprise level intelligence through innovation and experience to improve efficiencies, experiences and decision making.

Why is MEXIA the chosen platform by airports around the world to help them improve
Operational efficiency, Commercial revenues and Passenger experiences?

The industries only single platform for:

  • Passenger Flow Analytics- Parking to curbside to Retail/F&B to Gate
  • Queue Management Systems- real time, accurate PAX information
  • Curb-to-Gate Analytics
  • Non-Aero Revenue generation
  • Comprehensive reporting suite for historical, real-time and predictive/forecasting


  • Passenger/Customer Experience: SMRT HUB Platform
  • Passenger/Customer Flow Analytics
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Improved information to passengers about flights, queues, offers and more
  • Comprehensive reporting suite to manage airport operations and commercial revenues (AOCM)

The MEXIA Platform

MEXIA engineered and developed the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible PAX Flow,
Queue Measurement and Engagement platform for airport management.

The MEXIA SMRT Sensor (See, Measure, Report, Track) provides airports with the ability to monitor and track vehicle traffic, passenger flows, queues, retail/F&B engagement and more.

We help airports look at every aspect of the business that affects day-to-day operations. Everything from flight schedules, delays and weather issues to vehicle movements, parking usage, curbside congestion, to passenger flows, queue measurement, retail/F&B dwell, gate dwell and more. All of this leads to useful intelligence, real-time reaction times as well as forecasting capabilities for staff planning, security lane usage and other operational tools.



Curb-to Gate Passenger Flow:

The industries most accurate and complete Passenger flow tracking based on military level programming and understanding of signals. Others attempt to use ͚point-to-point͛ tracking that leaves gaps of data. MEXIA creates an indoor satellite network that allows airports to have a granular understanding of PAX Flows and most importantly- where revenue opportunities are hiding. Without the need for any Wi-Fi connectivity or App downloads, we also ensure complete privacy through high level data encryption.

Queue Measurement Systems (QMS):

Through our comprehensive video system and neural networks deep learning algorithms, MEXIA provides real-time measurements of PAX numbers in Queue, predicted wait times, ongoing throughput levels and lane opening reports. Our QMS has been verified at over 95% accurate in multiple environments and conditions. It is adaptable for differing ceiling heights and queue structures and can be updated if queues change or in uncontrolled areas.

Airport SMRT_BI:

All of this data is nothing without the tools to understand, comprehend and use it for more efficient operations, better staff planning, finding revenue opportunities and ultimately operating a more profitable, passenger friendly airport. MEXIA provides airports with our exclusive AOCM (Airport Operations and Commercial Management) reporting suite. Our AOCM not only provides valuable insights into data collected from the SMRT platform, but also integrates seamlessly with flight information systems, weather reporting, traffic reporting, FIDS, AODB and more. Through our strong partnerships with other airport systems, MEXIA is able to provide a single dashboard to help you manage better and more effectively.

Traffic/Vehicle tracking:

Monitoring vehicles whether for parking space management or congestion points at curbside will help to provide a better passenger experience from the start. In addition, understanding how passengers arrive and depart from the airport allows for better planning for current and future system needs.


Meet PAM. The world’s first and only passenger concierge. PAM will guide passengers, create a better experience and help airports make more money” Contact us for a demo.

Your own airport concierge to provide all passengers with up to the minute information about flight time, gates, delays and more. Developed by MEXIA to also integrate Queue Wait times, marketing offers and continued engagement even when passengers leave the airport. Easy to use without any App download.


Trusted By


MEXIA is proud to be an exclusive business partner with PwC as part of the IoT Innovation Group.

  • “Using MEXIA Interactive’s location-based analytics to monitor passenger traffic we can instantly identify bottlenecks in security lines, thus enabling us to correct them quickly and provide a more enjoyable experience for the 4 million passengers that pass through our airport annually. It is also now possible for us to know when passengers are congregating around a particular promotional zone in the airport and how many of these passengers are then driven to make a purchase, data which we can use to improve in-airport marketing going forward.” Belfast International Airport
  • “…We need to be able to react in real-time when areas of the airport get busy and offer our passengers information about how long wait times are when they arrive at the airport so they can make decisions about where they are going and if they have time to eat or shop.”Cork Airport