Belfast International Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport Fly to New Heights

A growing number of airports around the world are using the MEXIA SMRT Sensor technology platform to eliminate passenger bottlenecks and increase vendor revenue

Winnipeg, Canada, September 9, 2015

MEXIA Interactive the company behind the engineering and development of the MEXIA SMRT Sensor, the most sophisticated suite of location-based monitoring, analytics, and mobile marketing equipment, has today announced that Belfast International Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport are embracing the benefits of the Internet of Things through the use of the MEXIA SMRT Sensor platform. The platform and embedded technologies monitor passenger movements from curb-to-gate within airports and provide granular accuracy down to, for example, an individual security line or a specific shelf at a duty-free shop.

The work with Belfast International Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport follows MEXIA Interactive’s success with SMRT Sensor projects in Cyprus at Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport since 2013, as well as at the Cork Airport since the end of 2014. “The MEXIA SMRT Sensor uses video analytics, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in order to accurately track passengers and calculate their queue times at various stages of their journey,” says Ciaran O’Connell, Process Improvement Manager at Cork Airport.

The technology is not only helping the airports facilitate an easier and more enjoyable experience for passengers, but is also helping to unleash the hidden revenue potential of the many shops and restaurants the airports host. “Airports globally are under pressure to improve non-aviation revenues by increasing passenger spend,” explains Glenn Tinley, President and Founder at MEXIA Interactive. “Airport management consists of two divisions; operations, which includes activity such as managing staffing to avoid long lines at security check-points, and commercial, which includes the restaurants, shopping and entertainment available to passengers. The MEXIA SMRT Sensor provides an IoT platform that addresses both of these divisions by helping to cut down the amount of time passengers spend getting to the gate, giving passengers more time to enjoy the airports retail and food and beverage partners while also providing personalized engagement and Wi-Fi connectivity.”

“Using MEXIA Interactive’s location-based analytics to monitor passenger traffic we can instantly identify bottlenecks in security lines, thus enabling us to correct them quickly and provide a more enjoyable experience for the 4 million passengers that pass through our airport annually,” says Graham Keddie, Managing Director at Belfast International Airport. “It is also now possible for us to know when passengers are congregating around a particular promotional zone in the airport and how many of these passengers are then driven to make a purchase, data which we can use to improve in-airport marketing going forward.”

Building on its previous work with both Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport, MEXIA Interactive is now also enabling them to become the first airports globally to deploy high-speed connectivity through MEXIA’s embedded SMRT Wi-Fi.  “MEXIA Interactive’s upgrade to our passenger Wi-Fi system means that passengers will receive a stronger Wi-Fi signal and are ensured consistent coverage throughout the airport, positioning us to better serve our passengers by enhancing their travel experience,” explains Elias Liolios, Senior Manager of Commercial and Business Development at Hermes Airports Ltd, the operator of Larnaca and Paphos International Airports. “This, combined with our upcoming mobile App strategy and the on-board Beacons in the SMRT Sensor, allows us to execute on our Internet of Things strategy going forward.”

About MEXIA Interactive

MEXIA Interactive has engineered and developed the MEXIA SMRT Sensor, a mobile engagement and analytics platform that helps to reveal and act on the missed revenue opportunities within any indoor venue. Founded in 2011 by Glenn Tinley, the company today is the leading solution for revealing revenue in locations around the globe.