Who is MEXIA?

MEXIA Interactive designed, engineered and manufactures the world’s leading IoT/ Omni-Channel HUB for airports and shopping malls. SMRT Sensor has been developed to provide insights for both Operations and Commercial managers.

Our proven SMRT Sensor HUB provides data and insights that allow our clients to improve the passenger experience and increase revenues.

MEXIA provides airports with information vital to understanding the Curb to Gate journey of your PAX and translating this information into new revenue stream opportunities.  This, in addition to ensuring your passengers have an optimal travel experience from the moment they park to when their flight leaves the Gate. MEXIA simply provides the industry’s most complete Omni-Channel solution to allow airports to Understand, Engage & Connect with PAX from “Web to Wing”.

Our Mission

MEXIA Interactive is the world’s leading enabler of IoT & Omni-Channel solutions for the airport industry.

MEXIA Interactive is changing how millions of people around the world interact with devices and their environments.

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What We Do

  • We monitor more than 164 million mobile devices worldwide.
  • We have over 35 billion anonymous location data points with a 2.5m level of accuracy.
  • Over 7 million facial scans will be run through our airport security database in 2016
  • We will connect over 23 million PAX to hi-speed WiFi in 2016
  • Eddystone beacons allow for proximity based personalized offers to over 400 million consumers and Mexia is the leading Eddystone platform provider