Shorter Wait Times Expected at Airports Around the World


MEXIA Interactive’s SMRT Adaptive Video Analytics software provides real-time queue management and threshold alert messaging.

Winnipeg, Canada, November 4, 2015 – MEXIA Interactive, the world’s largest indoor satellite company, has today announced an update to its SMRT Adaptive Video Analytics (AVA) software, which is offered as a part of its industry leading, all-encompassing Internet of Things platform. This update enables the monitoring of specific passenger movements and adapts to real time changes in the indoor environment such as line changes, lighting and other uncontrollable circumstances that cause competing systems to be ineffective and inaccurate.

The SMRT AVA software provides a proven 98 percent accuracy rate in counting people and monitoring wait times in crowded and unorganized spaces, such as airports. The software’s ability to deliver accurate wait times to airport operations managers at Check-In, Passport Control and Baggage Screening, for example, and to use smart flight information displays and mobile devices to communicate wait times to passengers ensures a positive passenger experience.

“People tend to move around airports in an uncontrolled manner,” says Ciaran O’Connell, Process Improvement Manager at Cork Airport. “There’s not always a pre-determined line to follow and lines can extend outside of the designated areas. We need to be able to react in real-time when areas of the airport get busy and offer our passengers information about how long wait times are when they arrive at the airport so they can make decisions about where they are going and if they have time to eat or shop.”

Glenn Tinley, President and Founder at MEXIA Interactive adds, “With the update to SMRT AVA we are solving a challenge that airports around the globe face with uncontrolled passenger movements that can be difficult to accurately monitor and growing passenger numbers in areas that cannot expand. Until now, there hasn’t been a system on the market that could accurately react in real-time to ongoing changes in passenger lines. This update will continue to solidify MEXIA’s position in the airport industry as the leader in curb-to-gate passenger flow monitoring when combined with our proprietary mobile signal analytics, passenger engagement through our multi-Beacon system and connectivity through our embedded hi-speed WiFi.”

Cork Airport (part of the Dublin Airport Authority) is the first airport to utilize the new SMRT AVA software. The update is also being rolled out to other MEXIA partner airports including Liverpool, Belfast International, Larnaca and Pafos.

About MEXIA Interactive

MEXIA Interactive is the developer of the MEXIA SMRT Sensor, the world’s only Indoor Satellite that enables a seamless transition from outdoor GPS to accurate and reliable indoor positioning for mobile engagement, analytics, connectivity and insights benefiting clients and consumers. Founded in 2011, the company today is the leading solution for revealing revenue in indoor locations around the globe.