A Whole New Level of Service


Queue management is going to a whole new level at Cork Airport. Ireland’s second busiest airport is now the first in the world to use MEXIA’s brand new SMRT sensor, which combines the new Adaptive Video Analytics (AVA) feature with data gathered from WiFi, iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth, and third-party apps to deliver the most precise wait-time reporting platform on the market.


The updated sensor will allow the management team at Cork Airport to gain an unprecedented level of precision when it comes to understanding consumer behavior, as well as providing new ways to connect and engage with passengers.


Hermes Airports, the operating company of Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport in Cyprus, is also using the SMRT Sensor to increase revenue by dealing with issues, before they become problems. The SMRT Sensor detects when larger numbers of passengers arrive, which in turn, causes an increase in wait times at key areas. The MEXIA platform will automatically send a notification to the appropriate manager so staffing levels can be adjusted accordingly to reduce these wait times. These shorter wait times translate into more dwell time, which increases sales in the retail and food and beverage areas, as well as an improved overall customer experience.


Both Cork Airport and Hermes Airports are utilizing the SMRT Sensor to its full potential, as it offers more than 98% accuracy when counting passengers and can be the foundation to a seamless customer experience in today’s airports.