Hardware Overview Deep Dive

  • Pinpoint accuracy monitoring PAX movements curb-to-gate via their mobile device without the need for a mobile App;

  • On-board video analytics (AVA) for real-time Queue Management and KPI Threshold Alerts

  • Embedded facial recognition/detection software to provide demographic and age-grouping data for Analytics

  • MEXIA exclusive Facial-Security module (when activated) to provide airports with recognition of PAX and people within the airport that can be securely cross-referenced for ‘suspect recognition’ and other security requirements in an ever changing world

  • On-board iBeacon and Eddystone beacon for integration with iOS® and Android® third-party mobile apps, giving you the widest possible access to mobile devices

  • On-board hi-speed 802.11ac WiFi hotspot to enable enterprise level Internet access, including Radius/AAA Gateway servers, landing page integration and additional data collection/marketing options. This includes the MEXIA exclusive “Flight Notification system” developed specifically to help airports enhance the PAX experience