MEXIA Omni-Channel Reporting Deep Dive

MEXIA’s SMRT_BI Correlation & Insights dashboard provides you with powerful, granular insights into what’s happening within the airport as well as how behaviors and other data can be correlated to provide actionable marketing campaigns and Operational efficiencies. Your real-time data streams are constantly being analyzed for opportunities by our system in real-time as well as from a historical basis. Then you can parse this information into heat maps, traffic flow charts, statistical averages, and more.

MEXIA’s new SMRT_BI Omni-Channel reporting has the ability to provide clients with an unparalleled ability to focus data to answer the questions that impact your facility the most – in real time.  From pre-set reports, to address your KPI’s, to open question format data filtering, MEXIA’s reporting incorporates multiple data sources to provide airports with easy-to-use, visually appealing graphics that address their ever changing needs.