SMRT AVA/GSA Platform Deep Dive

Today’s airports all strive to improve the passenger experience through shorter Queue wait times, faster processing and more efficient systems. All of this needs be balanced with high levels of security for passengers which involves airlines, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

At the same time, Operational Managers need to report on levels of efficiency, manage staffing resources and be able to react in real-time when additional security lanes need to be opened or other items need attention.

To deliver on all of these requirements, MEXIA engineered our SMRT Adaptive Video Analytics (AVA) software and GSA (Gender Security System).


This industry changing software system enables the monitoring of specific passenger movements in real time as well as measuring throughput levels while adapting to real time changes in the indoor environment. Things such as line changes, lighting conditions and other uncontrollable circumstances can cause competing systems to be ineffective and inaccurate.

The SMRT AVA software provides a proven 98% accuracy rate in counting people and monitoring wait times in crowded and unorganized spaces, such as airports, able to pinpoint locations to less than 1m. The software’s ability to deliver accurate wait times to airport operations managers at Check-In, Passport Control, Baggage Screening, etc. and to use smart flight information displays (FIDS) and mobile devices to communicate wait times to passengers ensures a positive passenger experience from curb to gate.

SMRT AVA Capabilities

  • Full integration with existing camera/video systems & management platforms
  • Real-time and historical reporting direct to user-friendly reporting interface
  • Multi direction count line options
  • Multiple zone setting ability within single camera view and/or area of focus
  • Predicted queue wait time reporting to real time, on-site, public facing screens
  • Predicted wait times for multiple or single pass through point(s) in designated area
  • Able to combine multiple camera views to provide single predicted wait time for large areas
  • Comparative throughput rates for multiple processing lanes in single selected area
  • KPI threshold based SMS and/or email alert messaging to designated staff person(s)
  • Calculation of historical average queue wait times over user selected time periods
  • Personalization of passenger movement through assignment of individualized markers
  • Translation of passenger flow data onto historical, user friendly heat map
  • Live feed of current predicted wait times to existing systems, such as client App

Can show reports in from real-time and historical format.



In a world that has gone through immense change when it comes to security and safety, world events, conflicts and the use of technology are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges of moving millions of people each day through airports around the globe.
The development of the SMRT Sensor was guided with the purpose of adapting as technology or needs required. With that in mind, MEXIA developed the GSA system to utilize our on-board video system and existing video systems such as CCTV to provide enhanced security to airports through facial recognition and the ability to compare facial scans against a database of suspect or watchlist persons. This is done in real-time to provide alerts to Border Control officers in time to make decisions related to everyone’s safety and security.

Additional level of reporting: In addition to security, the MEXIA GSA provides additional data points that we use to provide insights through our SMRT_BI Reporting system. This includes gender and age group data as well as passenger flow data within zones to add a layer of analytics to our Curb-to-Gate MSA offering.