SMRT Sensor IoT & Omni-Channel Platform Deep Dive

SMRT Sensor

At the heart of the sensor platform is the MEXIA SMRT Sensor HUB providing Omni-Channel analytics and marketing solutions to airports around the globe.

  • Exclusive software/antenna system providing mobile signal analytics that circumvent MAC address randomization that no other company in the industry can
  • Curb-to-Gate mobile passenger analytics through micro-conversation technology providing 2.5m accuracy compared to the industry average of 25m
  • Real-time video analytics through on-board camera or existing system integration to 98% accuracy
  • Facial recognition software for tracking of PAX throughout the airport for analytics and security
  • Proximity specific marketing via Beacon – Eddystone / iBeacon technology
  • Eddystone Beacon with Google Chrome integration allows for Engagement without the need to download an App
  • Hi-speed WiFi provision for passenger Connectivity plus Opt-In marketing opportunities delivered direct to passengers
  • Monitor and measure passenger behavior by time, gate and/or departing flight
  • Measure passenger trends through number of visits by month or year
  • Dwell times by specific zones and areas of the airport
  • Report on common retail areas visited and the sales conversion rate within each
  • Integrated Business Intelligence reporting system- SMRT_BI
  • Beacons

    • Beacons were launched in June 2013
    • Beacon: iOS based and requires an App
    • Eddystone: Google platform
    • Beacons provide the ability to provide localized information, offers, wayfinding